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The beginning of the Shmita Year! This sabbatical year of rest for the land is a tradition we look forward to sharing and learning more about.

Beginning Farmer Incubator Program
Pushing the Envelope is committed to supporting new farmers as they build their credentials as agricultural community members and business people. The Beginning Farmer Incubator Program is designed to give young growers the opportunity to gain critical experience running a small-scale sustainable operation in a resource sharing environment. The program provides organically managed agricultural land and farm infrastructure with on-site housing, access to ongoing education, and the opportunity to live with other young sustainably-minded farmers. Pushing the Envelope Farm believes that farming is a personal experience and is dedicated to working with individual participants to help them meet their project vision.

The farm incubator provides much of the infrastructure needed to run a small farm operation, including:
  • On-site living accommodations - air conditioned housing, communal living space and kitchen, full bath, washer/dryer & parking
  • Minimum of 1+ acres of Certified Naturally Grown land per participant
  • Tractor, hand-tool, and other equipment use
  • Greenhouse and hoop-house space
  • Tool shop and building space
  • Produce washing station
  • Refrigerated storage for produce
  • Proximity to Geneva & Chicago area farmers’ markets and restaurants that support local farmers
  • Membership to agricultural education networks
  • Ongoing resources and support from active local community
Life at the Farm Incubator
The farm incubator provides a unique opportunity for new farmers to live together and support each other, as residents share machinery and farm infrastructure while maintaining separate enterprises. As an extension of the cooperative ethic, residents are asked to help build community awareness about sustainable farming by providing a monthly community outreach event. Events can be anything such as screening an environmental film, hosting a group weeding session, or teaching a cooking workshop.

How the Program Works
Space at the incubator includes all infrastructure and housing, and runs from January 15 - December 15 of the program year, with the possibility for renewal. Prices vary depending on acreage and room. Accommodations for couples and shared rooms are possible.

About Pushing the Envelope Farm
Established in 2008, PtEF works to raise awareness and support for sustainable agriculture and teaches programming on environmental ethics. The farm features large community gardens, honey bees, laying hens, and several independent agricultural businesses.

To Apply
Contact us with letter of introduction to arrange an interview at GenevaFarm@gmail.com or call 630.578.3313 for more information.